Sunday, October 5, 2014

Grandma Hazel Turns 90

Sophia and I flew home to Midland to celebrate my grandma Hazel's 90th birthday and my Grandma Pebble's birthday too! Same day, 11 years different! Incredible!

We had a very delayed flight to and from Midland but Sophia was a trooper! She had fun in the airport and got lots of compliments and just did a great job over all.

We got to hang it with Grandma Pebble on Friday night to celebrate her birthday with Allison's family, my parents, Travis and Max and Carla.

Sophia had a blast with Blake and Easton.

Then we celebrated Grandma Hazel on Saturday with Pat, Ryan, Erin, Meagan, Scott, Kimmy, Olivia, Greg and my family.

We had a fabulous short trip and my angel slept on the flight home!

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