Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kite Festival

Today we went to the Kite Festival at Hermann Park. We were not prepared but still had a good time. Next year if we go we will bring our own kites because they ran out and we will bring a picnic lunch. The lines were outrageous for the food trucks there and it would have been a 45 minute wait for a hotdog. It was crowded and there were kites flying everywhere.

Thank goodness we have a double stroller.

The boys enjoyed seeing two women on stilts dressed up. That was exciting for them but sophia got a little scared when we got close.

Santiago got to pet a pig that was someone's pet.

After the festival, we went to a Chicago Pizza place and we had to wait a long time for food there as well but the kids did well playing quietly inside and Gabriel chose to eat alone at a bar height table while the rest of us were by a booth. He was quite independent! Big guy!

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