Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sophia Elizabeth - 22 Months

Time goes by so fast and its hard to find the time to sit and write down milestones and memories but I definitely do not want to forget how precious Sophia is at this age. She is definitely becoming a little girl and beginning to lose all the baby in her. Slow down time...

Her speech and language has really skyrocketed lately and it's cool to hear her little voice. She repeats a lot of what we say and she loves to tell you "no". She talks to herself a lot and will read books aloud in her own little language.

Lola and Sophia are two peas in a pod and they often sit or lay together and Sophia will hug and pull on her.

Sophia loves to wear her pink boots that are hand me downs from her cousin Blake. She's been wearing them everyday for at least a month and she doesn't care if they match her outfit or not!

Sophia's doing great at Mothers Day Out. She hardly ever cries anymore. She even went the whole day yesterday without her paci!

Sophia is a super happy girl and is usually always smiling! We love her so!

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