Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day of MDO 2015-2016

My "middles" formally known as "the littles" started school this week at our church Christ the Good Shepherd. It's an early childhood program/preschool and Mother's Day Out. It's amazing because the teachers are the nicest people ever and they teach both academics and about our Catholic faith. The kids learn new prayers and songs and how to be kind to one another. Gabriel is already learning how to write his name better in the first week and was super excited to learn how to write the letter Aa. He had been practicing nonstop at home!

Sophia cried at drop off both days but stopped shortly after and had a good time. Sophia is almost completely potty trained (yay!) and did a great job using the little potty at school for her teachers. She had one accident while she was sleeping on her sleep mat so we are going to put a diaper on for nap time until she has control while sleeping.

Both kids love the new playground and look forward to playing every day on it!

Sophia had no problem taking a nap at school. It's nice to be friends with her teacher because she sent this picture to me.

Gabriel also gets to go to Adventures in literature on Wednesdays this year so he will be in school three days a week. He says school is SO much fun and loves it. We are blessed!

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