Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

Hector left Midland this morning so we had to take a picture with the little leprechaun before he left. Santiago and I are staying in Midland a few more days with my family and Hector and his dad are going fishing at the lakehouse on Lake Buchanan. I hope they catch some big fish! Hec was sad to leave us (Santiago really) for a few days but he will be having fun while he is away.
Here are two of the cutest lucky charms you will ever see. Santi is doing one of my very favorite things in the first picture - stretching as far above his head as possible. I love it! You should hear the sound he makes when he is finished. He is a grunter and a sigher.
Just look how big my Santiago is compared to Blake! It's amazing to think he is that much bigger but he is still really little. She just makes him look like a big boy! Don't you just want to pinch them?!? But you can't...they remembered to wear their green!

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