Monday, March 30, 2009

Have to Hold

I haven't posted any pictures in a while on here but I think it's time to show you how wonderful Santi is looking. Sorry I did not want to post any pics of my little man all swollen - it's just too hard to see. He is still a little swollen around his incisions but every day he is improving. You probably can't even tell in these photos. They had to shave a small section of Santi's head for surgery. He is missing a stripe of hair like a headband on his head. But that is also hard to see in these pics. Thank you Liz for the cute socks. You thought they would be too big for him since they are size 3-6 month but my son has BIG feet so they fit perfect! Thanks so much - we love them!!
So the doctors told us that babies usually like to be held more than normal after surgery for craniosynostosis and they were so right - we can not put Santiago down at all. He will fall asleep on us and we will try to lay him down but it doesn't last more than a few minutes. I love holding my angel but it's almost impossible to get anything done when you have to hold a baby the entire day. Thank goodness I have helping hands around. Grandma Linda spent the night with us last night and helped out tremendously. My mom had been here with us since last Tuesdat but she and my dad flew back to Midland on Sunday afternoon. I was really sad to see them go. Tonight is going to be the first night that Hector and I are on our own. I imagine I will be sleeping either in the recliner or in the bed with Santiago on my chest like a little monkey clinging to his mommy. I slept about 3 hours last night in the recliner with him after a feeding and today we took a nap together in the bed. Wish us luck tonight!

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