Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday afternoon we got to bring Santiago home from the hospital. He is doing really well. Both doctors came to check on him yesterday morning and were happy with his progress. It is just a miracle to see the changes that have taken place already. His swelling has gone down a lot and they informed us that if we have him sleep at an angle with his head a bit higher than the rest of his body that the swelling will continue to go away and his little eyes will be able to open well. So far so good. We put a pillow in his bassinet under the mattress to tilt it and he slept pretty well in it last night for a few hours at a time. We had Santiago weighed again before we left the hospital and he had lost a couple ounces but he still weighed a little over 13 pounds. Dr. T said that the nurse from the night before got us all worried for nothing because gaining fluid weight like Santi did is totally normal after surgery as is runinng a fever. He still may have some fluid to lose but he is doing a good job dirtying diapers so I am not worried that he will be able to lose all the extra fluids soon. We have been giving Santi tylenol every 6 hours just to make sure he isn't in pain. He does not act like he is hurting at all and it makes us feel good when we see him smile. He wants to be held a lot and if we try to put him down when he is sleeping he wakes up after a few minutes. He will fall right back asleep when you pick him back up. The docs said that he would want to be held more than normal and they are right. We don't mind at all though! We have grandmas and grandpas and other family members who are more than willing to help out in that area but I haven't gotten tired of holding him myself yet. I think he needs his momma most! haha

I will be taking Santi back to see Dr. T on Tuesday for his post-op checkup. Then we will go Friday to get fitted for his helmet. They will be doing a scan with some kind of machine to take measurements of his head to make the helmet. The helmet is just as important as the surgery in his recovery process. He will wear it for 2-3 months and then he will be just perfect! He is a tough little boy and we are so happy that he is doing so well. Like I said before - it is a big relief! I will forever remember and hear the sounds of ICU - my heart goes out to all the sick children out there.

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