Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Days until Santiago's Surgery

Santiago and I have been back home now since Saturday morning. We came back a day later than planned because I got sick on Friday afternoon very suddenly. Who knew breastfeeding could cause an infection and make you run a high fever? I am doing better now and just in time for Santi's surgery. It's hard to be sick and be a mom! My parents took great care of me when I was still in Midland and then Hector and his parents took great care of me when we got back home. I love my family! I am very blessed.

Today I am spending the day getting my graduate work finished that is due tonight. Tomorrow we have a busy day. My parents are flying in in the morning, I have a postpartum checkup and Santiago is getting baptized tomorrow evening. Then we will need to pack up everything we need for a 2 day stay in the hospital. I can't believe how fast time flies and surgery day is almost here.


  1. Hi Miss Katie!! Mom sent me your blog link, and I'm so glad!! Mom and Daddy have been keeping me posted about both Santi and Blake, but it's so good to see pictures of your sweet little family and Alli too...
    We are praying SO hard for Santi, and you guys, this week.
    Some hospital reading for you- my blog is http://bkdavisblog.blogspot.com.
    Make sure you update your blog after Santi's surgery- I'll be waiting to hear how it goes!

    Love- Kelli Barrow Davis

  2. Hi Katie! I'm glad you are feeling better. Keep us updated on how the surgery goes. (Also, you should be getting a package from me.) I'd love to hear from you! You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you!

  3. Hi Katie, Sarah and I are were so excited to be at Santiago's Baptism today. We have all of you in our thoughts and prayers and know that the Lord will be with you tomorrow. Please keep us updated!
    Cousins Noel and Sarah

  4. Our babydoll, Santiago, has come thru his surgery with flying colors. God has bless us with good surgeons and great hospital care. Santi is even back to his old tricks of making cute little noises and stretching his arms and legs as far as he can. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts.
    Grandma Linda