Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Saturday

Today was a very busy day. I took Santiago to Frank Elementary where I work for our annual Frank Flyer Festival. This was the first time I brought Santi to school and we were able to see quite a few people - my coworkers that I love, a few of my students and their parents. We will have to make a trip to school during the week sometime soon so we can see the rest. I miss work but I am thankful to be home with my little man.

After a couple hours at the festival we came home to have lunch at the house with Hector's parents and sister. Hector made a delicious brisket and I made a potato casserole that my Aunt Belle and my mom make that is quite yummy. Grandma Linda brought some beans and we all enjoyed our afternoon together.

Last but not least, today Santiago is 2 months old. So of course we had to take some pictures!

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  1. Happy 2 months old today my beautiful grandson!

    Love Grandma Linda and Grandpa Hector