Friday, April 3, 2009

Helmet Measurement Day

Santiago had an appointment today to have his head scanned and measured for his helmet. He did such a good job and I was thankful that it was such a simple procedure. I had to undress Santi down to his diaper and then the doctor put this sock type thingy on his head. It covered his entire head - just his handsome face poked through. It tied under his chin giving him his first bow tie. He looked so cute!! Then I laid him down in the "Star Scanner" and this red light literally scanned his head and took the measurements that they need to make the Star Band helmet. They had to scan him 5 or 6 times because he loves to kick when he lies on his back and he had to be pretty still for the scan. The scan took about 3 seconds to scan once. After they got the scan, they took pictures of Santi's head from the back, two sides, top, and face front. We will receive his helmet on April 14th. I was able to talk to 4 other moms there who also had boys wearing helmets. They all said that their boys had no problems wearing their helmets at all - even from day 1. They said the helmets do not bother them at all. That was good to hear! Here is the doctor putting the cute hat on him. I am about to lay him down in the scanner. He is being a trooper!Here is the doctor reading the scan on the computer.

Back at home at last!

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