Friday, April 3, 2009

Santi and Mommy's Days Together

We are have had 3 great nights in a row where Santiago will sleep in his bassinet. He just wakes up when he needs to eat and then goes back to sleep after a diaper change. Our days have been good too but Santi still wants to be held most of the day. This is how I spend most of the day:When he falls asleep I always try to lay him down and he will be fine for about 10 minutes or so. In that short amount of time, I run as fast as I can to get dressed, unload the dishwasher or something. When he wakes up, we assume the same position or I wear him in my Maya wrap sling:
The rest of the day is spent sitting on the couch together with my laptop doing grad school work, watching TV, or reading a book. It's not the most exciting life but I sure do LOVE being a mom and staying home with my son.

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