Thursday, April 16, 2009

Helmet Day 2

Thank you Shannon for the cute onesie from Faith Baby. It looks so cute on Santi and it fit perfectly! It says "Mommy's Answered Prayers" and that is exactly what Santiago is. I love him dearly!! I had to take a picture of Santiago wearing it while he played on his jungle playmat. So cute!

Today was day 2 of helmet wearing and it went very well. As you can see in the picture, Santiago is doing his normal activities just fine wearing his helmet. Today's instructions for the helmet were to have the helmet on for 2 hours and then off for 1 hour and not to wear it while sleeping. With Santiago's routine, he wore it for 2 hours and then had it off for about 2 hours because it would be time to nap when the helmet came off. Tomorrow he will have to sleep with it on during naptimes so I hope that he continues to do well. I think he will.

Santiago has officially found his hands and he loves to stare at them. He holds his little fists in front of his face and smiles at them. Another thing that Santi started doing is trying to stand up by pushing up on my legs when I am holding him. He is really strong and LONG! I have a book called Peek a Boo and I managed to get a real laugh out of Santi when reading it to him. Hector has gotten him to laugh a couple times out loud too. It's really cute to hear him and see him get so excited!

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