Friday, April 17, 2009

Helmet Day 3

I made a new discovery today that makes me happy! I have been trying to get Santiago to take his naps during the day in his bassinet, in my bed, in the playpen, swing....anywhere except my arms since he had surgery. Ever since his surgery I have had to hold him against my chest so he would sleep during the day. Today I found out he will stay asleep happily leaning on the boppy pillow. He took two naps on the boppy today and it was really nice to have my arms free for a few hours to do my grad school work and some laundry. It's also great that he will take a nap in his helmet with no problems.

Today is Day 3 of wearing the helmet and we had to increase his time to 4 hours on and 1 hour off. Also we added wearing the helmet during nap time. He is not yet required to sleep at night in the helmet - that starts tomorrow. Here's my cutie pie today...can you see his long beautiful eye lashes?

Just in case you are wondering about Santi's clothes today....Santiago has worn 3 outfits today because he has either peed or pooped on them and I have had to change him twice...and it's only 3 pm! Also, he is only two and half months old and he is wearing 6 month size clothing. He's growing so fast.

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