Saturday, April 18, 2009

Helmet Day 4

Santiago wore the helmet for 8 hours at a time today. After 8 hours went by, he got an hour break. He had to sleep in it and everything. He is doing great wearing the helmet! Tonight when I laid him down for the night in his bassinet, he was not yet asleep but very sleepy. I have never done that before and he surprised me...he smiled at me! I kissed him goodnight and walked out of the room. He didn't make a peep! He just fell asleep. WOW! He only wakes up once to eat around 3 am and the ngoers back to sleep until 7ish. We are finally getting on a pretty consistent routine and it's been very nice. Before surgery we were doing really well but having surgery through our whole routine out and we had to start over. I am glad he is doing so well!

Today was a very rainy and stormy day. The only thing we did today was go to lunch in Tomball at Goodson's Cafe. They have really good chicken fried steak and you all know that is my favorite! Today was out first outing with Santiago sporting the helmet and some people gave us some looks but it didn't bother us a bit. We expect it and we don't care what other people think. This helmet is going to makeour son even more beautiful than he already is and that is all that matters.

Look at these shirts that Hector made for Santiago to wear. They look great and they are so funny!


  1. Boy is my grandson good looking!

  2. I love those shirts! That is such a good idea... how cute!