Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Tricks

Last night we left Santiago at home with the grandparents and Hector took me to eat at Pappadeaux's for my birthday. We had a really nice time and ended up getting our appetizer and dessert for free because they served me a different fish than I ordered and then it took them a long time to correct it. We didn't mind but we liked the free food! Hector also found a pearl in his oysters. We couldn't believe it! We brought it home with us but we don't know what to do with it.

Today I went a little picture crazy. Here is Santiago doing his latest trick - he is pulling his legs up and kicking them in the air and rolling to his side a little. I took pictures in his pajamas this morning and this afternoon doing the same in his clothes.

I had to take Santi's helmet off this morning to put his shirt over his head so I took a quick picture without his helmet. His hair is growing back really well on the top from where Dr. T had to shave it. He still has a lot of hair growing to do on the sides. His forehead is looking great - it's getting more and more rounded each day.

Santi is learning to stuff his entire hand into his mouth. That's another one of his new tricks.

I read a lot of books to Santiago today. Three of the books were children's books that I had to read for an author study that I am working on for my multicultural literature class. The other books were his books and you can see one of them in this next picture with Santi. It's a book with babies in it and today Santiago loved talking to that baby picture. It was so cute to hear him cooing at another baby.

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