Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Wow I am a mom. It's hard to believe sometimes. It's something that I always dreamed of and now that I am I understand the incredible love that a mom has for her child. I love Santiago with all my heart. He is a blessing and I love every second with him. I am proud to be his mother.

We had a great day today. We began the day with brunch at a super nice restaurant with Hector's parents and sister. After we ate, we all went to church together and after went to have ice cream. Then we went to Hector's Aunt Diana and Uncle Carlos' house to visit awhile. That's where the next picture was taken. Santiago was exhausted by time we got to Diana's house. He was sleeping in my arms pretty much the whole time.

When we got home from our busy day, it was nice to just relax at home with our little family. Hector and I ate wings from Buffalo Wild Wings while Santiago entertained himself by laying on his lamb rub on the floor and laughing at the ceiling fan. When he is on the floor he has started to roll onto his side. Sometimes I think it is on accident when he is lifting his feet in the air. He seems to just fall to the sides sometimes but last night he decided he wanted to sleep on his side. It was cute to see him curled up on his side like a big person sleeps.

Santiago has really begun to enjoy looking and playing with his toys. He is starting to bat at toys - especially the ones we have hanging on his carseat. He also has started to notice his feet when he is laying down. He hasn't really found them yet but every once in awhile he catches sight of them and is really hypnotized by them. It's cute. I can't wait for him to grab his toes and pull them into his mouth!

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