Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Months After Surgery

On March 25th, Santiago had surgery to correct his right coronal craniosynostosis. Yesterday was two months post-op. That was an extremely difficult day for Hector and me but it was so worth it. We are seeing the progress in our little boy each day and it is amazing how fast he is growing and changing. We had a helmet adjustment appointment and a doctor appointment with Dr. T today - Santiago's surgeon.

At the helmet appointment, Aaron expanded the helmet by 3/8 of an inch and cut a big hole out of the helmet on the right forehead area. This hole allows his head to grow in this area with absolutely no pressure being applied. This area is where we need Santiago's head to grow the most to make his forehead more symmetrical. Aaron also added some more air holes in the back of the helmet. It is getting hotter every day and Santi is really sweating under the helmet.

At the doctor appointment, Dr T was very happy with Santi's progress. He informed me that we will continue to see him once a month until his helmet comes off and then we will extend the appointments to every 3-6 months, then once a year until he is 7 years old. Santiago's head is growing at a great pace and the helmet is doing it's job guiding the growth. It is allowing the right side of his forehead to grow more rapidly and outward while it is making the growth everywhere else happen at a slower pace. We still do not know exactly when Santiago won't have to wear the helmet anymore - it all depends on how fast his right forehead and orbital rim (eyebrow bone) come out. Dr. T checked Santiago's head where the bone was removed and he is happy with the amount of space still there. You can feel the gap in the bones when you run your fingers on his scalp and Dr. T said that is exactly what we need to feel. He told me that we may not see the final result of the surgery until Santiago is 3 years old because that is how long the head is still growing rapidly and the sutures remain open. I was glad to hear that Dr. T thinks Santiago is doing so well.

At Dr. T's office Santiago was weighed and measured. He weighs 16 pounds 7 ounces and is 27 inches long. He is 3 months, 3 weeks old. The circumference of his head is 42 cm.

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