Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Months Old and Back to Work

On June 4th, Santiago turned 4 months old and it just happened to be the last day of school for the kids and my first day back at work. I have been on maternity leave for 4 whole months which has been a such a blessing. My district required me to go back to work for 2 days so I could avoid paying the district's portion of my benefits over the summer months. It was hard for me to leave Santiago to go to work. I cried a little but once I got to work I was ok. My lovely in-laws took care of Santi for the day and when I go back full time in the fall they will also have him then. It is wonderful to have family that is willing and excited to take care of Santi while we work. Santiago did very well with them and had a great day. I had a good day at work with my class too. I had a wonderful teacher filling in for me while I have been home. Her name is Kristine and she has been hired to teach first grade next year at my school so it will be great to see her everyday and get to know her better. She did a great job with my class. She was another blessing given to me this year. She was able to work with me the last day of school and the kids enjoyed having both of us there. We cleaned up the room and sent all the kids supplies home with them. She had taken a lot of my stuff off the walls for me already and saved me a lot of time. After the school day ended and I said my goodbyes to the kids, I had to rush home to pick Santiago up to take him to another helmet adjustment. When I walked in the door at the grandparents house, Santiago was on a playmat on the floor. He immediately started smacking his lips and got hungry when he saw me. He smiled at me but wanted to eat. He knew Momma was home and his food provider was back! haha I fed him and then loaded him in the car to head to the Woodlands for our appointment. We had a lot of fun playing together as we waited our turn to be called back. Santiago started doing something new today. As he stood up in my lap with me supporting him, he stuck out his neck and tried to suck on my face. I allowed him to suck on my chin and cheeks and he got me really wet but I loved the kisses and it was so funny to see him trying to get to my face. I was laughing pretty hard. It was so cute.

On Friday, I had to go back to work for a staff workday to finish cleaning up the classroom and turn everything in for the summer. I took Santiago with me and all my coworkers got to see him. He did such a good job with me at work. He played on a playmat while I cleaned and put stuff away and he took naps in his stroller. I got almost everything finished by 3 and was able to go home then. The only thing I didn't get done but decided I could do either during the summer or before school starts again is reorganizing my class library. I have over 700 books in my classroom and my kids did not take very good care of them while I was gone.

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