Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bumbo Chair Wanted

Today we had to go back to Dynamic Orthotics for another helmet adjustment. We are two days early for our weekly visit (again) I talked with Aaron today about setting appointments on Mondays and Thursdays so I can come in twice a week because I am tired of having them squeeze me in early when I see problems with the helmet. They are great about squeezing us in and they are always nice and accommodating but sometimes it jams up their scheduling. I think this will help us both out by setting an extra appointment. I feel very fortunate that I have not had to return to work yet since we have so many appointments all the time. Santiago's head is growing and changing so fast, which is a good thing, but it is causing his helmet to rub on him or press too tightly in areas. So we have been going in about every 5 days for an adjustment. Yesterday the helmet was so tight in the back that his little skin was swelling into the air holes that are in the helmet for ventilation. Aaron said it's called "hole edema" and it's not a good thing. I'm glad we went in. He filled in two of the air holes in the back right side of the helmet with some foamy stuff so that won't happen anymore. He also had to expand the front portion of the helmet where the big triangle cut out is also. That area was causing a small ridge on his skull where it was pressing on the helmet's edge. Santiago did not sleep in his helmet last night because Hector and I were concerned about these two areas. It was neat to see Santi this morning when he woke up without a helmet on. He looks like a different little boy without it on. Cute with it and cute without it!
The picture above was taken of Santiago sitting in a Bumbo chair at the orthotic office as we waited for Aaron to bring the helmet back. I think we are going to have to get us one of those! He looks like such a big boy sitting up straight in it and he seemed to like it. After we were all fixed up, we went to pick up my brother Travis at his workplace so we could go to lunch together. We had good food and good conversation at The Hobbit Cafe.
Yesterday Santiago and I went to the public library for the second time for Lapsit. It's a sing-a-long and read aloud for babies. It's a lot of fun. I was able to see a friend that I used to work with and her lovely daughter for the first time and I also re-met a girl that was in my birthing class. I look forward to going back and seeing them again and meeting more moms and babies! Santiago had so much fun seeing all the older babies playing. He smiles and make noises at them. One sweet girl that was 15 months old kept coming over to him because she wanted to touch his "hat." Her mom says she loves hats!

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  1. The library thing sounds like fun! Consider yourself lucky that you can do that. I miss the fun stuff having two babies because it's almost impossible to do anything by myself.