Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marathon Man

Hector has been training for months now for a full marathon and this last weekend was the big weekend. He has been a very dedicated runner and I am very proud of him for reaching this huge goal. On Saturday we went to the Reliant Center to pick up his packet and to see the vendors there before the run. Hector carried Santiago in the backpack carrier for the first time and Santi had a blast being able to see people from almost our height. As we walked around and weaved between the people in the crowd, Santi just waved and waved to everyone. He is such a friendly fellow!

We spent the night Saturday night at Bianca and Matt's place because they live really close to Reliant and Hector had to be up really early to take off on his 26.2 mile run. Hector's parents met up with us in the morning and the seven of us (Bianca, Matt, Hector, Linda, Santiago and myself) drove to cheer Hector on at the 5 and 10 miles markers. After those two stops, the rest of the family went to eat breakfast while Santiago hopped back in the car to see Santi's daddy run by us at the 15 and 20 mile markers. Thank goodness for our GPS because I don't know my way around Houston very well. I was able to make it to the 14 mile stop with no problem but I got a little lost trying to make it to the 20. The GPS took me in circles because I kept coming to road blocks where the runners were running by. I was getting a little flustered because I knew Hector needed the support the most towards the end of the run and I hated that I couldn't find my way to Hermann Park with the roads blocked off. Santiago got a good nap during the time I was driving in circles and I got lucky and when I was stopped at a red light Hector ran right past me. I was able to cheer and scream at him from my car and he saw me too. I was relieved to see him and decided that I was just going to give up on this stop and head back to Bianca's so we could all go to the finish line together. The next picture is taken as we waited at the finish line for Hector. Hector did an amazing job and I am so impressed that he ran 26.2 miles. He crossed the finish line after running for 5.5 hours. Holy cow that is awesome! I can't even explain the amount of pride I felt for him and I teared up as I saw him approaching! I wish I would have been able to take better pictures of him but luckily the people at Chevron who hosted the marathon got some great pictures of him that we will be purchasing.
Here's my marathon man of a husband who I love so much! I'm so proud of you Hector J!

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  1. Hector J., you did it. Dad and I are also very proud of you.

    Love Mom and Dad