Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MS 150 Weekend

Once again I am super proud of Hector. He completed his second ride in the MS 150 which is a bike ride from Houston to Austin. He completed his first ride two years ago and he skipped last year's ride because he didn't want to spend a lot of his extra time training instead of being home with Santiago after he was born and had to have surgery. So this weekend, he did it again! My neighbor growing up has been living with MS for many many years and Hector rode especially for her. Austin, her son, is a big part of our family. We really love and respect the Ruppanner family!Santiago and I met Hector at the finish line. Santi loved seeing all the bikes and waving to the people as they passed by. He has been a little obsessed with bikes lately and has to point them out whenever he sees them. He calls them a "die" or "dike".
Hector and two friends - Sean Moritz and Brian Wooters - rode with the Bike Barn team. This is the guys and Brian's fiance as they were getting their bikes ready to head to the car. We went and ate at Shady Grove for a celebratory lunch and then headed back home to start a new week. Hector was a little sore on Monday but overall he was in great shape! I'm super proud and super impressed that he has the dedication and endurance to complete a full marathon and the MS 150 in the same year and before he turns 30 in just a couple of weeks!

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