Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Santiago and Cohen

This is Santiago. This is Cohen.
This is Cohen and Santiago at the lake.
This is how happy they are to finally be able to hang out and play.
Cohen is my best friend and roommate from college's precious 8 month old son. Shannon and I were potluck roommates. She lives in San Antonio and although we don't talk as much as we would like - we can pick up where we left off every time we see each other and have a great time together. This weekend was super special. I drove with Santiago to my parent's lakehouse to hang out there and relax while Hector was pedalling his way to Austin on his bike for the MS 150. Shannon, her husband, John and son, Cohen came to hang out with us. Although the weather was rainy, we really had a great time talking about our lives, being moms and just sitting around the house.
We gave the boys a bath together and I think Cohen was a little amazed by Santiago standing up in the tub and pouring water from a cup. He just stared at everything Santi did in the water. I'm just glad that Santi didn't show him how he drinks the water from the tub or try to climb out of the tub.

I can't wait to see more of Shannon and her family this summer either at the lake or in one of our towns...I plan to make a trip to Sea World sometime this summer and Cohen will be turning 1 in August so I know we will get to see more of each other.

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