Friday, May 21, 2010

15 Month Stats

Today I took Santiago for his 15 month well check. He weighs 29 pounds 12 ounces and is 34 inches tall. He is off the charts for his age! She said we could say 97+% if we wanted but when she showed me the graph, she plotted his measurements and he is really off the chart! Our pediatrician is predicting Santi to be a very tall boy! He has met all the developmental milestones that they ask about at 15 months including: climbing stairs, throwing temper tantrums, and saying more than 3 words not including mama and dada. I was shocked that temper tantrums was one that she asked about but also a little relieved that we are not alone at this stage. He hardly ever throws a fit though and when he does it doesn't last long...thank goodness! I already listed all his latest new things when he turned 15 months earlier this month so I'm not going to again. She also told me that it would be best to leave Santiago's car seat rear facing as long as possible even though we had met the law requirements and we could technically turn him around. He doesn't mind sitting backwards so I am going to leave him facing back as long as he can fit comfortably that way. We did not get his 3 immunizations today because we have some other stuff going on that I may share later so we will be getting his immunizations in the next couple of weeks instead.

My pediatrician also informed me that the opthamologist that we went to earlier this month always asks for small children around Santiago's age to come back for a follow up appointment after 4 months like he did us because it is so hard to get a thorough exam when they are this young. She said any good opthamologist would want to see a small child again in a fairly short period of time and that gave me a little relief. She also assured me that the astigmatism that Santiago was identified with was not related to his craniosynostosis either. She comforted me in many many ways and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful pediatrician.

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