Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girls Weekend at the Lake

Last weekend we had a wonderful, relaxing, super fun weekend at the lake with almost all the lovely ladies of my mom's side of the family. My grandma Hazel, Aunt Pat, Cousins Erin and Meagan, Sister Allison, Niece Blake and my mom all came together for some good ol' R&R. Of course I brought Santiago along with me - even though he is my sweet boy and it was a girls only weekend.

Blake and Santiago shared everything from sippy cups to snacks to toys to stroller rides.

We went kayaking, boating, sat on the porch and just had the best time ever together.

Santiago wanted to drive the boat with his grandma the whole time and the at the end of our boat ride, he fell asleep on me.
We hope to make this an annual girls trip to the lake with the kids. It was so nice to just be together with our love and laughter!

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