Tuesday, July 6, 2010

17 Months Old

Santiago turned seventeen months on July 4th!  Here is what he is up to lately:
  • wearing 2T clothes, size 5 diapers, size 8 shoes
  • weighs 30 pounds and is 34.5 inches tall
  • says "jesh" for yes and shakes his head for no
  • LOVES to eat popsicles and will ask you for a "bop bop"
  • has two different types of waves and will repeatedly wave at you from across the room
  • when I ask him how much he loves me he either holds out his arms or crosses his arms against his chest and tries to say "this much!"
  • loves to clean - will take a paper towel and wipe a table or the floor with it
  • hates when things are out of place
  • notices the smallest of bugs outside and will squat down, point at it with a look of disgust
  • he is a very good eater
  • has many ways to walk - backwards, sideways, one-legged high step
  • loves to dance
  • asks for us to put his classical music on by going to the CD player
  • can stack his foam blocks and knock them down
  • loves to push his train car around the house or ride on it
  • follows any direction we give him like go get something for us, put something up, go ask daddy for something, etc. 
  • if you are holding him and he doesn't want to be put down he holds his legs up so you can't stand him up
  • finally likes to wear hats and loves pointing them out when he sees someone else wearing one - even in pictures or books
  • likes to watch Sesame Street and loves Mr. Noodle on Elmo's World and Elmo too
  • tries to repeat every word we ask him to say and is definitely experimenting with language
  • still calls me "nana" but we clap and cheer when he says "momma"
  • sleeps in bed with us most nights but after he recovers from surgery we will work on changing that
  • has the best smile in the whole world
  • gives open mouth kisses and big squeeze hugs
  • loves to give raspberries
  • tries to say all our family members names: zzshhhaww is Bianca, Ma for Mattand Max, Bubba for Bubba, Wow or Wowie for Alli, Ba-baw for Pappaw
  • loves Gatorade

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