Tuesday, July 6, 2010

McLanes at the Lake for the 4th

This Fourth of July was a very special one.  We spent almost a week at the lake.  My cousin Brian and his fiance, Melanie and son, Max came to Texas from Baltimore.  It was wonderful to have them here for as long as they were and to be able to visit and play in the water with them.  It was our first time meeting two year old Maxer and he was cute as can be and full of life.  He is a smart, energetic boy who is learning two languages - German and English.  It was neat to hear his mom speak, sing and read  in German to him and hear his sweet voice answer and sing along with his momma.  

Blake, Santiago and Max ate popsicles together and then used the hose to wash off.  You can see how tall all three babies are - they are all really close in height only a couple inches different.
We have this really awesome water globe that you hook a water hose up to and it sprays water in many different directions. The two boys loved playing in it.  Max loved it the most!
All the men did some jug fishing and we caught some big catfish.  Santiago would meow when we showed him the catfish.
On Saturday we had many more McLanes come to visit at the lakehouse.  My Grandpa Hollis and Grandma Dorothy came from Breckenridge, Uncle Mike and Lauri from PA, Uncle Max and Aunt Carla from Midland, Cousin Lucas and his family and of course all the regulars - The Trevino family, Bubba, GG Pebble, my parents and us.  Here is all the great grandchildren on the McLane side - Santiago 17months, Brent almost 3, Blake 16 months, Colby 5 years and Max 2 years.  It was so neat to see all five of these kiddos playing together around the house. 
Santiago really wanted to sit right beside Brent and he is trying to hold his hand here.
And of course here are Blake and Santiago playing with their Pappaw.  Santi is sitting in a colander from the kitchen and Blake is helping push him on the carpet.  They were having a blast taking turns as Pappaw pushed them around! 
We took so many more great pictures on everyone else's camera and I can't wait to see all of them as well.  Thanks to all the McLane's who traveled to the lake for this little mini-family reunion. It was a great to see everyone and I love you all!

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