Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 8 & 9 Post Op

Day 8 - Post op
Every day Santiago is showing more and more of his true colors and we are loving seeing more and more of our little boy come back with each day.  Yesterday was the first day he had his appetite back and ate three meals and snacks and wanted more than just fruit all day long.  During the last week all he has really wanted to eat was fruit and popsicles.  He is sleeping well also. Yesterday he took two really long naps and today he took one long one and then went to bed earlier than normal.  Santi's swelling is still decreasing every day which is good.  He still has a little black eye on the right side but that too will go away with time.  I am having to apply Biacitracin Zinc Ointment to his incision several times a day so that is why his hair looks extra oily. It gets every where - including all over my face and neck when I am holding him. 
Day 9 Post op

This is Santi's right side where the majority of reconstruction took place.  His right coronal suture is what was prematurely closed at birth.  Look how nice his profile is and how round his little forehead is looking! We are so pleased  : )

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  1. My "Little Boy Blue" is looking more beautiful everyday. Thank God again, for the wonderful doctors Dr T and Dr B.

    Love Grandma (Nana) Linda