Friday, July 30, 2010

First Post Op Appointment

We went to see Dr. T on Wednesday afternoon. This was his first check up after surgery. All in all we got a good report. We shared with him that it took about 10 days to get Santi completely off all pain meds and to be eating again normally. He felt his head along the incision line, his forehead, and eye brow bones. He was happy with the results and said Santi is looking real good. He says he is still a little swollen and that the complete swelling won't be gone until 6 weeks post op. Dr. T also explained that we should continue to see the shape and symmetry of his eyes change and improve. I asked about a bump that Santi has in his incision line on the top right of his head that has gone down a bit but is still there. It looks like a knot when you hit your head on something. He explained that it was one of the dissolvable plate or screw and with time the bump will disappear. I also was a little concerned with some reddish areas on the incision, especially right behind Santi's left ear. He said we are going to see more of that as the sutures begin to dissolve. This will take a few more weeks to happen though. Dr. T also explained to us how the bones are going to become "sticky" as the new skull bones grow over the plates and strengthen. We were a little confused with this information because we don't know if the bones really are sticky or if its a sticky situation while new bones are growing and filling in the gaps that were created during his reconstruction. Either way it means that Santi is going to have to wear a helmet for protection. We will pick up his helmet on August 9th for our first fitting and he will have to wear it during the day for 2-3 months. He won't have to sleep in it. We are relieved that he doesn't have to wear it 23 hours a day like last summer. Hopefully he will learn to like his "hat" and it won't bother him too much. We will go back to Dr. T as soon as we get the helmet to make sure it fits correctly.

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