Saturday, August 7, 2010


Friday was almost a "normal" uneventful day.  The plans were to spend the morning together at the house and drop Santiago off to play at his grandparents house for a few hours while Hector and I enjoyed lunch out together and then headed off to our schools to work in our classrooms.  I have a lot of cleaning and organizing left to do in my leveled bookroom and I really wanted to get a little done.  Hector needed to go see his new classroom and drop some of his things off at his new school which is the previous school I worked at.  Well we got to do some of those things...  After dropping Santi off at Hector's parents' house, we went and ate at a wonderful new restaurant by the house called Wacky Mongolian Grill.  It was very unique and definitely yummy! We will be going back there for sure.  We left there and went our separate ways.  On my way to my school, I was in a car accident and never made it to my classroom.  I am ok.  No one was hurt.  I am very thankful that I was alone because I was hit on the passenger side of my car and that's where Hector would have been sitting.  We just turned Santiago's carseat around to be forward facing in the middle of the back seat a few days before or he would have been rear facing on that side of the car too.  Thank goodness he wasn't in the car - I would have been a mess.  My car had to be towed off because it would not start after the impact.  We don't know how much damage there is yet on my car but we should find out in the next week or so hopefully.  Hector was able to get to the accident scene within just a few minutes because he was close by.  I was glad he could be there with me!
After talking to the police and calling the guy who hit me's insurance company, Hector and I went up to drop a few things off in his classroom.  I was able to see some old coworkers : ) and he was able to meet his partner teacher so that turned out well.  The rest of the evening did too! We went to Tomball and ate at one of our fave mexican restaurants and then went to the festival they were having in town. 
Grandma Linda and Santiago wanted to get their face painted and we didnt know if Santiago was going to let the nice lady paint his face but he surprised us once again and was able to stay calm and let her paint a spider on his cheek. 

Last time we tried to get his face painter was Easter and he was not happy about it then.  Guess my little boy is growing up a little each day!

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