Saturday, August 21, 2010

Helper Kind and Good

Santiago has picked up a chore that he absolutely loves to do every night after his bath.  Feed the dogs!  He sure makes doing regular household chores more fun.  After feeding Roxie in the laundry room, he goes to the backyard to get Jager's bowl.
Then he takes it to the garage where we place the bowl in the food container so he can pour the cups of food in without making a big mess on the ground.
Then he happily carries the bowl through the dining room, kitchen and living room to the backyard.  We have to keep telling him to go slow because he gets so excited.
Until he gets to Jager....then he gets a little nervous and never knows the best way to get the bowl on the ground outside so Jager can eat.  Tonight Jager decided to take a few bites while Santi was trying to set it down.
Santiago gets to take his helmet off for one hour of the day during bath time.  As soon as he is finished with his night time snack and glass of milk, his hair is usually dry enough to put the helmet back on.  Here he is pointing to his name on his hat.  I had just put the helmet on him and asked him where his name was.  He loves to point to the dot over the "i" for some reason.  He will say "dot" too.
We decorated the back of the helmet today with sports ball stickers and then I covered all the stickers with Mod Podge.  I hope that will keep the stickers from peeling off.
Today was a pretty good day as far as the helmet goes.  He only got frustrated with it a few times.  I'm still not sure we have the perfect fit with it but I think it's good enough until our next visit at Dynamics. As long as I keep seeing Santi smile and play while wearing it, I'm not going to worry. He sleeps fine it in so thats a good thing.  He has been taking a 2.5 to 3 hour nap every day lately so thats really good.

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