Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last Week...

We had a very busy last week of summer. Hector and I both started back officially to work yesterday. Santiago has been wearing his helmet for one week as of yesterday also.  Here are some random pictures from our week.  Above Santiago is carrying around a whole cucumber and eating chunks off the top! He grabbed it from the fridge and thought he was quite the comedian running around the house eating this.  He ate about an inch off the top before he wanted to give it back to me!  Below Santiago is blowing on an official

vuvuzela from the World Cup.  Our friends Paul and Jennifer brought it back from Africa for him. 

 We left Spring on Thursday to go to San Antonio for the weekend.  My best friend from college was throwing her son a first birthday party so we had to go celebrate with little Cohen and the family.  On Friday, we took a very HOT trip to Sea World.  We had a blast and I cheated on Santi's helmet wear time this weekend because it was so hot.  It's been over a 100 every day and poor Santi just sweats and sweats.  He didn't wear the helmet at Sea World or at Cohen's birthday party because it was an outdoor swim party.
 Santiago loved all the animals but he really liked the Shamu show.  They got the entire audience to do these hand motions to make the whales splash the audience and Santi was trying his best to do it with them.  He stood up on my lap almost the whole show and enjoyed every minute of it.  He would sign "more" too when they stopped for a minute or two.
 Hector tried to take him to the splash zone to get a little wet but he didn't get down there in time. 
 This next picture is Santi being his goofy self at Shannon's house.  He has a paper towel in his hand and he was cleaning with it but then decided to roll around on her wood floors.  Cohen and Santi got along real well.  They enjoyed pushing eachother around on Cohen's car.

 At Cohen's party, I got to see all my college girlfriends so that was an added bonus!  Yvette helped Santi hit his first pinata.   The giant soccer ball was full of all kinds of toddler friendly treats! Shannon went over the top on Cohen's party! It was great!

We had a wonderful last weekend of summer in San Antonio.  I only wish we would have had more time there to do other things before heading back to work. 

Side note about the helmet - Santiago started off doing really well with the helmet but as the time increased each day and he had to wear it longer and longer, it started to bug him.  He is really hot in it.  His poor little head is soaked with sweat when you take it off and he even gets a ring of sweat around his shirt collars during the day - even when we are inside!  We got it adjusted yesterday but I think we already need to go back because today was not a good day at all for him in his helmet. It's too tight on his left forehead and its leaving pretty big red marks on him.  I just pray for this month to go by quickly and for him to get used to it.  August heat is miserable! Hopefully September will be better for him.

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