Monday, August 9, 2010

Let the Helmet Therapy Begin

Guess what? It's been exactly one month since I had my second surgery and today I am getting my ha! (hat)
These are the directions that my mom and dad have to follow for my helmet wear.
They took a scan of my head a couple weeks ago and then made this really cool mold of my head so they could make sure my helmet was going to fit right.  I think it's really cool! If you take a close look you can see some areas that are whiter than others.  This is where they added some plaster to make sure a little pressure is applied to my head in these places when I'm wearing the helmet.  The rest is going to be a little loose so my head can continue to be shaped nice and round.
It took about thirty minutes to fix my helmet and I had to wait in this boring exam room.  I looked at the windows alot and talked to my momma.  While we waited, they were cutting my helmet so my ears and eyes won't be covered up when I put it on.
This is Erin.  I liked her.  She put my new hat on me and made sure it fit just right. 
I really liked looking at my head mold.  I didn't want Erin to take it away!
We had a lot of issues with paperwork and insurance while we were at Dynamic Orthotics and Prosthetics so we had to wait over an hour after getting the helmet while they worked everything out.  I was extra sleepy and I fell asleep on the way home.  My helmet doesn't bother me a bit!
I even stayed asleep when momma got me out of the car and slept a whole hour with my helmet and shoes on in my crib!  Guess this helmet thing isn't going to be so bad after all....
Let's hope that it continues to be this easy!!


  1. Santi, you wear that helmet well boy! Love it!

  2. I have a helmet question for you! Will you email me at kari700@hotmail.com, please?