Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slide Time

We have been going to our neighborhood park for the longest time now and I have always been pretty cautious with Santiago on the playscapes.  We don't have any stairs in our house so I'm always a little nervous when he is climbing on them but this weekend, Santiago was feeling extra brave so I let him go with his bravery.  He walked all the way up to the top of our neighborhood playground by himself and looked at me like "Can you believe it Mommy? I did it!"  So once he was at the top, I walked to the other side where the slide comes down and when I cheered for him he held both hands up to wave to me and screamed in excitement!
So then I convinced him to come to the slide.  Instead of walking the 4 foot platform to the slide, he scooted on his bottom and then sat down on the edge of the slide. He was still smiling from ear to ear feeling so proud of himself.
After a "ready set go" cue, Santi went down the curly slide by himself and proceeded to do it at least 15 more times before I decided it was time to go!  We were both so hot and his sweet face was bright red.  He had the time of his life being a big boy climbing up and sliding down over and over again!

Trips to the park will be a little easier for me now that he can do it all by himself! 

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