Thursday, September 9, 2010

19 Months Old

Over Labor Day weekend, Santiago turned 19 months old.  I have been so very busy lately that I just haven't had a chance to sit down at the computer to record our memories. 

Here is what Santiago is up to lately:
  • Weighs 32 pounds 8 ounces and is 34 or 35 inches tall
  • Wears size 8 shoe, size 2T, and size 5 diaper
  • has 16 teeth.  His most recent ones to break through the gums aare his canines on top and bottom. 
  • loves to say "shjes" which means YES in Santi talk.  He will answer yes to almost everything you ask him.  It's his favorite word. 
  • shakes his head no when he doesn't want something
  • Beginning to potty train - we bought an Elmo potty a couple weeks ago because for the last month or so he has been really interested in the potty.  He "tee tees" every night in the potty before his bath.  We aren't fully potty training quite yet.
  • loves to play on our new IPad that my dad surprised us with.  He knows how to change from one app to another and go to the home page by pushing the button.  He loves a puzzle app called Tozzle and Smart Baby flash cards.  He amazes me with the puzzles - he has very good eye for it.
  • wants to eat a "pop pop" every day and usually gets to
  • Really talking a lot.  He says many multisyllable words and short phrases.
  • Loves to face forward in his car seat.  I waited until he was 18 months old to turn him around and he still is loving seeing his surroundings as we drive.  I never listen to the radio anymore when he is in the car because we are constantly talking about what he sees or playing the "can you say this" game.  I ask him to repeat random words and he attempts every one of him. It's great!
  • Knows how to make a good smack noise when he kisses you now.  He loves to kiss me one cheek, then my lips, then the other cheek. So sweet. He also loves to kiss "bo-bo's" to make them better.
  • Has been in his helmet for one month now and it has become part of him.  He rarely pushes or pulls on it and doesn't mind putting it back on after his bath.  He will even ask for it when its off.
  • Loves to catch, throw, and roll balls.  Loves to play with his mini basketball hoop.
  • Will tickle you and say "tickle tickle"
  • loves to feed Roxie food
  • Has had to go to the "time out" chair a couple times and doesn't try to get up.  We only have him sit for one minute!
  • Loves to climb all over you and will gently push you down to get on your back
  • I tell him I love him to the moon and back and he responds by saying "mooo back"
  • has the best laugh and smile in the world
  • has started Mother's Day Out two days a week
  • likes to scream and he thinks it's funny
  • thinks he is cute when he crawls like a baby on the floor.  He has been crawling a lot for fun lately
  • has become attached to a yellow stuffed animal duck my mom made him before he was born.  He sleeps with it and calls it "duck duck"
  • can open doors by himself (the ones with the round door knob)
  • loves to say "bye" and walk away from you
  • feeds the dogs every night with his daddy's help
  • rubs his tummy in a circle and says "mmm" when he is hungry
  • sticks his pointer finger in his mouth and twists it when he wants to brush his teeth
  • during his night time prayer with me he says all our family members names to pray for them
  • likes to snuggle on the couch
  • will pat your back when he is hugging you 

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