Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good News from the Eye Doctor

Yesterday I had to take Santiago back to the eye doctor to have his eyes re-examined.  We took him in last May because Dr. T recommended us having his eyes checked out by a pediatric opthomolagist because sometimes coronal cranio babies have issues with their eyes.  We went to see the eye doctor a week or so before we went to Dr. T's and found out Santi needed a second surgery.  Santiago HATED the first visit to the eye doctor because they had to dilate his eyes and we were there an extremely long time.  He was a little traumatized and scared of doctors after also because of those darn eye drops.  Long story short, we went yesterday and were in and out in about 25 minutes.  The same doctor we saw last time was there as well as a specialist for amblyopia.  Cranio babies sometimes have eye muscle issues because they favor one eye over the other.  Four months ago they were a little concerned that Santi was going to have this problem and yesterday we got great news that his eyes are just fine!  I was relieved and extremely happy!  God is good!
We will have to go back in 6 months to make sure his eyes are ok and staying strong.  I think one day he will have to wear glasses because they can already tell that his left eye is a little farsighted at this time but not enough to need glasses now.  If he needs glasses one day it will be because both his parents wear glasses and all my side of the family wears them as well.  It won't be because of his cranio.  I was also very pleased to hear that Dr. M can see more symmetry in the shape of Santi's eyes as a result of his second surgery.  He reassured me that with time as he grows more and with the helmet there as a guide, his symmetry will continue to improve.  Dr. T has been telling me that as well, but it was nice to hear it from another doctor.  All in all - we got great news and Santiago is doing great!

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