Wednesday, October 6, 2010

20 Months Old

Santiago is 20 months old....four more months and my baby will be 2! Crazy how time flies.  This last month has just been a really fun month as far as Santiago goes.  He learns something new every day and is so excited about his new findings.  I hope he continues to have a passion for learning and discovery his entire life.  Here is what he is up to lately:
  • Wears 2T/3T clothes, size 8.5 shoes, size 5 diapers
  • In the beginnings of potty training - can go #1 anytime I sit him on his Elmo potty and has gone #2 twice
  • Speaks a new word every day just about.
  • Is saying many 2 word phrases - wah yoxsah (walk Roxie), lellow duck duck, bye bye (name) , up (name)
  • Holds his arms straight up so you can take his shirt off
  • Lists all his family members names in our nightly prayers and especially prays for Dah's bobo (Grandpa's foot) every night
  • Loves to help do anything and everything you ask him to (empty the dishwasher, feed the dogs, etc)
  • Shakes his head "no" when he doesn't want something consistently now - he doesn't just answer "Jes" for everything now
  • Gives the greatest hugs in the world - he will wrap his whole body around you and squeezes.  I call it the "greatest hug in the world" and he does it every time. 
  • Gives the best kisses too.  He actually makes the smack noise when his lips touch you.  He will randomly walk up to you and want to kiss you too - its so sweet.
  • Loves to be outside now that the weather is cooling off again - wagon rides, playing at the park, walking Roxie, dribbling soccer balls
  • Has always been amazed by mirrors but now actually understands that it is his reflection in the mirror.  He goes crazy waving to himself and whoever else he can see in the mirror and wants to kiss himself repeatedly in the mirror.  He does the same thing when he can see a reflection in our tinted windows at night too.
  • Can climb up on chairs and the couch with no problem now
  • Gestures all kinds of his own made up sign language signs.  He waves his arm up and down from his chin for "thank you", does a one handed "more", sticks his finger inside his closed lips and twists when he wants to brush his teeth, points to our fruit tray in the kitchen and then points inside his mouth when he wants a Cutie orange
  • Can say manana, uno, dos, and hola in Spanish
  • Is learning to make the sign of the cross when he prays.  He touches his forehead and then kisses his fingers....we are working on the rest of the cross!

That's all I can think of right now but I know I am forgetting so much.  I will just have to come back and add to this growing list of accomplishments when I think of them.  Santiago is just the greatest little boy in the world and I don't know what we did before him.  He makes us so happy and sometimes Hector and I just look at each other in amazement at the things he does.  We know this little guy has a very bright future ahead of him and we can't wait to watch it unfold. 

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  1. This little guy makes us all wonderfully happy.
    Thank God for this little Angel

    Dah and Nana Ornelas