Sunday, February 6, 2011

Santiago's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday, February 5th we had Santiago's birthday party at our house.  We had a wonderful turn out of friends and family from near and far to celebrate on a beautiful day.  We felt very blessed!  I had this special shirt made for Santi to wear to his tractor theme party.  His party had a moonwalk, a bubble machine, pizza and cake and later when we gave him his big present, the kids enjoyed that too during the party.  You'll see it a few pictures down. 

When Santi's Daddy brought out his big surprise - a John Deer Gator - this is the surprised look I caught on Santi's face!  He screamed out in pure joy "TRACTOR! 
He jumped right on and learned how to drive his tractor very quickly.  He very willingly let his friends take turns riding and driving too.  I was very impressed with his willingness to share his brand new toy!

 Here's the birthday boy with his smash cake that he wanted to eat with a fork!  Things have really changed in one year - this boy doesn't like to get his hands dirty very much.  I'm sad that I didn't get a picture of his John Deere tractor cake but I know my dear friend Shannon did so I will have to get it from her sometime : )
 Here's Uncle Travis and Santiago
 Shannon and her mom along with Cohen drove down from San Antonio to celebrate Santi's birthday.  I feel very blessed that they come so far to see us and I wish we would have had more time together.  Shannon and I started out as potluck roommates in college and have remained great friends ever since even though we live in different cities.  It's so wonderful to both have boys so close in age - 6 months apart!  We have always had so much in common! Love you Sha! Thanks for coming!
 We gave these silly sunglasses as one of the party favors and Santi loved wearing them and he didn't mind one bit if they were upside down! ha!
 And last but not least - here are one set of Santi's loving grandparents - his Nana and Dah.  Can you see the love??  We are so blessed to have them to love and care for Santiago on a daily basis!
Happy Birthday sweet Santi! Keep making us proud : )

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  1. WHat a fun party! I can't believe that our babies are turning 2!