Monday, February 7, 2011

Special Gift

 A while back I sent my mom a picture of a sleep mat that I saw at a store and asked her if she could make something similar for Santiago to take to Mother's Day Out.  We didn't talk about it after I first mentioned it but a few days after Santiago's birthday, he recieved a big box in the mail and it had several goodies inside!  It had Christmas gifts from his greatgrandparents in Breckenridge and a card from Grandma Hazel - thanks for the jammies and socks Grandpa Hollis and Grandma Dorothy!  When we dug further in the box, we also found two very special handsewn items by my mom!  She made the fabulous UT Sleep Mat for Santiago and a cloth book.  Santiago was so excited to try out his sleep mat so we had to unroll it and catch his big cheesy grin as he practiced laying on it for school in our little playroom.  He has taken it to MDO already and got a lot of compliments there too.  Thank you Mom for the very special monogrammed gift. We LOVE it!

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