Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saturday Trip to the Zoo

Last Saturday was absolutely beautiful so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. We had to take advantage of the sunny but cool weather because we have been sort of cooped up inside with all the freezing weather we have had lately. We had a really nice time seeing the animals. We especially liked the new African exhibit that recently opened.

Santiago liked some of the animals and wanted to stay and look at the "nice" ones longer than that "baaad" ones.  The giraffes were "nice" 
 The rhinos were "bad"
 Here is the entrance to the African Exhibit.
As we were walking through you could hear the beat of drums playing in the distance and Santiago began to dance a little as we walked.  I didn't know if they had a recording playing or what but as we got closer to the beat, we found these drums for kids to play on.
 Santiago had a ball drumming away - it was hard to make him walk on!  Maybe we are going to have a little musician one day!

 Here's Daddy and Santiago enjoying each other's company as we walked along.
 The elephants were one of my favorites to see this time because their were two little babies - you can see one in the picture with his momma.  Santiago liked the elephants too - they were "good."
 One elephant even did some trick poses for the crowd!
 Here Santi and I are in front of the elephants - you can see my growing belly!
 And one last "bad" animal.  Santi really didn't like these monkeys!
After leaving the zoo, we went and rode the train through Hermann park.  Santiago loves all trains, trucks and tractors and it was fun to listen to him scream "All Aboard" numerous times throughout our train ride.  He also repeatedly said "choo choo" and "dood bye" (good bye) as we passed people in the park.  All in all we had a great day!

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