Sunday, March 6, 2011

MDO & Ortho Appt

Last Wednesday Hector and I took a half day off work because Santiago had an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic.  We got to go to Mother's Day Out to pick Santi up before the appointment around lunch time.  Santi's grandparents always take and pick him up from MDO because the hours are from 9:30-2:30 so we were very excited to get to see our little man in action at school.  When we walked up to the doorway, this is what we saw:

Santiago was patiently waiting with his friends at the table for his teacher to bring him his lunch.  I didn't catch his smile on his face when he first saw us at the door but it was really cute because he didn't know whether he should get up and come to us or sit and wait for his lunch.  You could tell he really wanted to follow the rules so he sat there until he heard us tell his teacher that she could leave his lunch in his lunchbox and that we would take it with us.  So then he heard her say that he was going to go with us and he got up to get his nap mat and bag.  It was really cute to see him behaving so well at school! He's such a big boy!

Santiago has been limping on and off since mid January and we can't figure out the root of the problem.  He has had strep throat and a sinus infection and continues to suffer from congestion with all the spring pollen in the air.  The limp began about the same time as the strep infection.  Poor baby has been fighting whatever this is for almost two months now!  We have been to the pediatrician numerous times in this time period and a couple blood tests have come back in the high range.  They are trying to rule out a transient synovitis which can be caused by a virus in your body or some other kind of bone infection.  After the ortho appointment this week, our next step is a three phase bone scan to rule out infection in the bone.  We will be having that done on March 18th during our Spring Break.  Although we are all worried about whatever is causing Santiago to limp, the good thing is that he is not letting it slow him down a bit.  He doesn't act like he is in pain and he runs, jumps and plays like normal. 

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