Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Lessons

Santiago started taking swim lessons with his Daddy two weeks ago and he absolutely loves it!

 I didn't go with them for the first lesson because I didn't want to be a distraction and I definitely did not want to have to get in the water being 8+ months pregnant!  We signed Santiago up for lessons for two big reasons - 1. to be more comfortable and safe in the water and 2. for special bonding time with his Daddy.  Santiago is such a Momma's boy (and I love that) but we both know with a new baby about to be in our house that Santi is going to need to learn how to share his time.  We want to continue to have special one-on-one time with Santiago and swim lessons was the perfect addition for Daddy and Dude time.  That's what Hec calls his alone time with Santi!

I went to watch Santi's second lesson last week and took the camera but I was not allowed in the actual room where the pool is located.  I had to watch through a very water spotted window so the pictures I took came out pretty blurry but they are better than nothing!  Several times Santiago would look over to the window to wave to me and to show off his new skills in the water.  I could hear him counting through the glass when he was about to jump off the edge into his Daddy's arms.  He would hold up his fingers and say...one, two, wee, GO! 
Santiago has learned to do the choo choo train which is how they teach the little ones to move down the edge of the pool to get to the steps, how to pull up on the edge to climb out, float on his back, kick his feet and stroke his arms to swim - all with his Daddy's support at this time!  Santi even likes his Daddy to hold him in the air around the house to swim from one place to another.  He thinks that is great! 

We really wish we had a neighborhood pool to go to so Santiago can keep practicing his swim moves! 

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