Wednesday, June 8, 2011

33 Weeks

During week 33, I had to instruct three workshops with my friend and fellow reading specialist Krystle.  Several people there asked me if I was having twins, if I was due tomorrow, and other questions like that came up.  It wasn't the first time I was asked if I was having twins either! A cute elderly couple in Kroger asked me as well the other day.  I know I am big but I don't think I am that big!  I was pretty worn out after my workshops and Krystle and I were both thankful when they were over.  They went really well though : )

I have been getting a lot more tired lately.  I need naps during the day and luckily since I am off for the summer I am able to take naps and go to bed early as well.  Even though I am really tired I don't really sleep well anymore.  Between my aches and pains and inability to get comfortable with a big baby jabbing me everywhere plus frequent bathroom stops, its just really hard to sleep.  Santiago has been a wonderful sleeper lately taking a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon and that really gives me a chance to catch up.  At least I am getting a little down time.  My back hurts a lot -  especially in the evenings and when I have to sit on hard surfaces.  My hips are pretty sore when I wake up in the mornings and its definitely hard to get out of the bed.  I have to literally roll out!  Hector thinks it is quite funny the way I have to move around now.  The baby moves around a lot still and you can see my belly move with him.  The heat is pretty intense lately and my hands and feet are beginning to swell a bit.  Some days I can't wear my wedding ring because it is cutting into my finger. 
I know I shouldn't be picking up my 35 pound two year old son but every once in awhile I still do.  How can I resist my cute Santi?!? 
Overall I am doing well.  I am looking forward to meeting our new baby boy.  I have lots to do in the upcoming weeks - we need to get his room ready, start getting out all the baby stuff from Santi, and pick out a name! 

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