Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

This Fourth of July weekend was totally different from every Fourth I can remember.  It was good - just different.  The main reason it was so very different is because we were unable to go to the lake this year.  I grew up going to my grandparent's lakehouse for the 4th and the tradition has continued at my parent's lakehouse for the past years.  My OB advised me awhile back not to take any trips as my due date approached and when I told him I was planning on going to the lake for the 4th he told me he didn't think it was a good idea.  This was about 3 weeks ago.  Then, I thought I might be able to make it anyways.  As this weekend was approaching and I knew it was out of the question.  My body would not have been able to handle a 4.5 hour car ride to and from the lake much less being in the heat and walking up and down to the boat dock from our lakehouse.  My feet, legs and hands are swelling every day and I have Braxton Hicks contractions daily now.  I'm glad we stayed home. 

Saturday we went Brad and Jackie's house for a fun time with lots of friends.  Many of them went to high school with Hector, some are old work buddies and then others are friends we have met along the way through the other people there.  They had a brisket cookoff and lots of delicious snacks to eat and Santiago enjoyed being the center of everyone's attention.  He loved his two Jackies, helping pick up baby Jack's toys that he would toss on the ground, and hanging with the boys.  Here's a guy pow wow that took place on the kitchen floor with Santi right in the middle!

 On Sunday, we went to our friend Lacey's parent's house for some swimming and fajitas.  Santiago had a blast in the pool and went without a nap the entire day.  I'm always a little nervous to risk going without a nap but he held up just fine and was in great spirits the entire afternoon.
 It was great to see my friend Jeremy from Midland and his wife and cute son. 
 Lacey babysits little Jase sometimes and Santiago loved playing with her in the pool.  Santi got a little jealous when Lacey would hold Jase.
 The pool has a nice little wading area which was perfect for the boys.  This watering can was a big hit for both of them!
 Santiago really loved swimming with Lacey.  She taught him a motor boat song and how to close his mouth when he was going under the water a bit.  Here they are making sure his mouth is closed!

Santiago also LOVED being thrown through the air and landing in the water.  This made me a little nervous at first but seeing how much Santi loved it and knowing he was safe made it all ok!

After a long day of swimming and sun, I brought Santi home and fed him a little more dinner since I wasn't sure he ate enough at Lacey's because all he wanted to do was swim!  He ate his food, watched a little Thomas the Train and then fell quickly asleep on the couch! 
Today we woke up and went to Nana and Dah's house for a delicious breakfast!  After we ate, Santi went outside with his grandparents to water the plants.  He really enjoys this activity! 

Mid afternoon we went and bought Santiago a twin mattress for his new daybed that he will be transitioning into soon.  We have been talking about his big boy bed and how his baby brother is going to need the crib and I am hoping to make the transition slowly before "his" baby arrives.  He loves calling the baby "my baby" and although we haven't decided on a name yet - he still wants to call him Baby Easton! Every once in awhile he says Baby _____ and names one of our real choices but no one can understand him! haha   The rest of our Fourth of July was spent napping and taking it easy together as a family.  It was a very nice way to end a very fun and busy weekend! 

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