Friday, July 1, 2011

Toddler Time

Since school has been out for the summer, I have been trying to take Santiago to the public library at least once a week - sometimes twice - for Toddler Time before the baby comes.  Santiago has a blast while we are there!  It's fun to see all the moms and the little toddlers singing songs and listening to stories.  Santiago does a wonderful job of following along and has started singing some of the cars to himself when we are driving in the car somewhere.  These two pictures were taken at last week's Toddler Time and Santi was singing Skidamarink (I love you) song.  I have no idea how to spell that!  It's a song I have sang to him since he was itty bitty though so he gets excited when we sing it at the library.  Some of his other favorite's are If You're Happy and You Know It, Grand Ol Duke of York, and Farmer and the Dale.

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