Friday, August 19, 2011

Gabriel - 1 Month Old

 I can hardly believe it! Gabriel was one month old yesterday! We are all adjusting to life with two kids. We have a new normal now and things are getting easier each day.  While I was pregnant I sometimes wondered how in the world I could possibly love another child as much as I love my first one. Well its actually pretty easy. Having two is amazing and I feel like my heart just grew twice as big when Gabriel got here.  There's definitely enough love to go around in this house.   My boys (all three of them...Hector included) are my entire world and my definition of love. 
With Santiago, I took pictures in his crib every month and recorded his milestones until he turned two.  I plan to do the same with Gabriel.  At one month old, there aren't that many milestons since all he really does right now is eat, sleep and use the restroom!!  However, I can definitely see him growing and changing. Each day his facial features seem to change a little.  He is getting stronger as well. At 10 days old, I was holding Gabriel against my chest and he picked up his head and turned it to face the other side.  My mom was still here and I remember her telling me to make sure to write it in my baby book.  That's the only reason I know he first turned his head at 10 days old.  Now when I am holding him and sitting on the couch, he can push up and hold his chest and head off my chest to look at me or look around the room.  He seems to enjoy tummy time right now more on me rather than on the floor or playmat.
He recognizes voices and will look around to see who is talking or what noises he is hearing.  There are TONS of noises in our house lately between Santiago and Roxie! 
Gabriel has been wearing newborn size clothing but just in the last couple of days I have noticed that the footed jammies are too short on him so I have started putting him in some 0-3 size clothing at night and during the day. He's still wearing newborn size diapers.
We don't really have a schedule yet.  He is a great sleeper and has been since the beginning.  He will sleep a 4-5 hour stretch in the night but then eats pretty much every 3 hours during the day.  Except in the evenings, beginning right when I finish making dinner and it's time to sit down to eat, he seems to want to eat non-stop for almost 3 hours!!   I think that is why he sleeps such a long stretch after he is finally asleep - his tummy is extra happy.  I don't mind the extra long feeding except that it makes it hard to get Santiago bathed and in bed during that time. So even though Baby G would like to be eating non-stop at this time, I am having to stop him and start him back up on and off during this time.
AND just for fun...here's a picture of Santiago at one month old. 

Santiago couldn't miss out on the photo fun so I had to let him join Gabriel in the crib. They are going to be the best of friends! I love them to the moon and back!!

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