Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While this sweet boy did this.....
 This sweet boy helped Mommy do this.....

I haven't posted any official nursery pictures for Gabriel's room because I have been waiting to paint his name for his wall.  When my parents were here before and after Gabriel's birth, they bought the letters at Hobby Lobby for me but they did not have the letter I.  Two days ago we finally made a trip to the "letter I store" as Santiago called it so we could get the last letter to complete Gabriel's name.  Santi has been asking me non-stop to paint the letter I so today while Gabriel napped we got the first coat on the letters.  I think they will look great once they get at least one more coat and then get hung above his crib. Santiago kept saying "Me So happy!" the entire time he was painting. He loves to help!  I can't wait to show you how Gabriel's room turned out....its very customized thanks to my Momma - the boys' Grandma!

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