Friday, September 9, 2011

After the First Day of MDO

When I came to pick Santiago up at 2:30 from MDO this is what I saw when I looked in the doorway.  Santi was playing on the floor with a little boy and having a great time.  When I said hello to him he stood up and smiled at me but then looked at his teacher for the ok to come see me.  When she said "Go see your mommy" Santi came over to me and hugged and kissed me.  Ms. Mary Jo informed me that he had a really great day and that he is a very sweet boy.  I was worried that he would have an accident at school because he sometimes forgets to tell other people that he needs to use the restroom.  Ms. Mary Jo informed me that he did a great job using the restroom all day and even napped without a diaper on.  He was also the first one to fall asleep! Good job Santi! 

I took Santiago to Dairy Queen after we left to get an ice cream since it was his first day at MDO and to celebrate a job well done.  We brought our ice creams home and ate them on the front porch where he told me all about his day leaning back on the couch.
Here's his story of the first day of MDO:

Mommy me had so much fun at tool (school).  Me pry (cry) just a little bit then me be happy boy because my Momo (Elmo) made me happy.

Me made toast, two toasts in the kitchen.  I took toast from Ben.  What's Ben's last name?

I answered that I didn't know Ben's last name and then Santi said, Please tell me! We sang a song about Jee-zus then we ate lunch then we went night night then we sat down on our mats and read a book about Jee-zus. I woke kids up with loud trucks but me won't do it again. Me went teetee with my teachers. Me seep (sleep) wi (with) out my diaper me so proud of myself. You be proud of me too mommy! Me so happy!

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