Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of MDO

Today is Santiago's first day of Mother's Day Out at our church this year.  He is in the young two year old room.  Since last Wednesday's Meet the Teacher I have been talking with Santi about going to "school" and all the fun things he would get to do there.  I've been telling Santi he gets to be brave like Caillou and Franklin when they go to school.  He loves watching Caillou on TV and one of his favorite books to read is Franklin Goes to School.  Last night before bed, we prayed about going to school.   He has been very excited about school! Even this morning he was telling me about the friends he would see, toys he would get to play with and the pictures he would make for me and his daddy.  Here's Santi walking in to MDO on our church grounds.  He's carrying his Elmo backpack and I carried Gabriel and his sleep mat. 

Here's the schedule he will be on when he goes to MDO on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I love that his nap time is the same time as we do at home.  Hopefully that will work out well! 
As we were walking in to the building, we were greeted by Ms. Anne who is the director of MDO.  She loves Santi and he was very happy to see her.  He greeted her with a hug!  Then Santiago hung his backpack and sleep mat outside his classroom on his hook with his name on it (with my help).  I took this picture with my phone while holding a wiggly Gabriel so it's blurry! Sorry! 

Then we walking to his classroom door where many children were already playing in the room.  Ms. Yolanda greeted us at the doorway and Ms. Mary Jo waved from the back of the room.  Ms. Y was trying to console a crying boy as I was trying to say goodbye to my sweet boy.  Santiago wanted to kiss me a million times - literally! He kept puckering up and saying things like "two more tisses mommy" "four more tisses" "one tiss right here" as he pointed to my forehead, then my cheek, then my lips.  I loved all the kisses and affection he was showing!  I kept telling him to go into the room with Ms. Y and that I loved him and I would see him later and he just wanted to kiss me some more.  Then the tears began.  I told him one more kiss and then Mommy had to go.  He kissed me once more and then walked into the room and grabbed Ms. Y's hand while crying all the way in.  I walked away quickly because I knew that was the best thing for him and me because I was getting teary eyed at this point.  I know he was probably smiling and having a great time minutes after I left because that's how most kids are once their parents leave.  All my years in the classroom helped me prepare for that I'm sure.  It definitely pulled on my heart strings to see him crying but I know going to "school" is a great learning and socialization opportunity for him.  I can't wait to go pick him up at 2:30 and hear about his day!

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