Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Usually we go to the lakehouse for Labor Day but this year we stayed home because the water is so low with the Texas drought and also because we have a loy of traveling coming up.  It was nice to have a long weekend at home to relax and play with some new toys at the house but it was strange not to be at the lake.  I really missed the lake this summer!   
 Hector finally got a mountain bike this weekend to go with the bicycle trailer I gave him for his birthday in May.  He took Santi on a couple rides this weekend and Santiago absolutely loved it!  Hector has dreams of future family bike rides so one day I may have to get a bike as well.
Another new toy we have at the house is this little pool.  Santiago loves it so much that he got in it with his clothes on!  Crazy boy!

 Someone else loves the pool too....

Baby G loves to be outside too.  Sometimes stepping outside is my saving grace when he is "refluxing".  I don't think that is a real word but that is what I call it when my Gabriel is crying, spitting up, gasping for air and just feeling plain awful.  I love it when he is sweet and peaceful like this....

We had a great weekend overall and we hope you did as well.

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