Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monkey @ Toddler Time

Yesterday we had a very busy day! After breakfast I got my two boys and myself dressed and to the library at 10 for Toddler Time. I'm getting better at juggling all the stuff involved with having two boys and the boys themselves to do fun things or run errands. We sang, danced and read books about monkeys at the library and then Santi got to have thus monkey mask he is sporting in the picture. He thought he looked more like Mickey Mouse than a monkey!

After library we came home for lunch and an extra long three hour nap and waited for Hector to come home from work because we were going to his parents house for dinner and then to church for Meet the Teacher night for Mother's Day Out. Santi was a little nervous to go see his new classroom but when we arrived he was welcomed by sweet teachers who all knew him from last year. They all couldn't believe how much he had grown over the summer. It was really wonderful to hear how much they loved my Santi last year and these two teachers only saw him on the playground last year. These two lovely ladies are the two year old teachers and they said they were looking forward to having my sweet talkative boy in their class this year.
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